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Parenting Meme! May 19, 2008

Posted by jojoe in Personal.

How do you view your role as a parent? What are you there to do?

Keep him from accidentally putting his finger in an electrical socket (forever-the dangers change as he ages)! Try and teach him what I learned and guide him, knowing that he’ll probably be headstrong and want to figure it out himself.

In your social circle, are mothers expected to work or are they encouraged to stay home with the child?

I think stay-at-home Moms are a lot more common here in Utah, though in my professional circles, women have to turn to child care quicker to maintain their professional “status”. Tough-tough balance. Women have it rough!

How do you feel about your child’s education? What’s good about it, and what do you wish could be done differently?

He’s still young, but I value education very highly and we will probably need to evaluate local public schools and decide whether we need to move.

How do you share the childcare with your partner? Do you tend towards different activities or different approaches to parenting?

I think we tend to agree on things. I chip in where I can, but it is very little compared to all that Maria does. We have decided to specialize though. During Joaquin’s “fragile” years, I am the bread winner and she is the full-time nurturer. I have committed to giving her Sunday for herself. We’ll definitely be living and learning as I start work and prepare for the Bar.

What are the most important virtues to instill in a child?

Vote Democrat! (Joking) Question everything. Learn. Enjoy life. Play nice.

What’s the relationship like between mothers at the park and the school gate? Would someone you didn’t know help you out in a stressful moment?

Not Applicable.

What do you fear most for your child?

Danger – whether falling off a cliff or being kidnapped. At first, I was worried that he might not be “right”. Now I have more of a faith that he will develop well with Maria and I here – but as I think into the future I think I’ll fear the safety stuff.

How do you discipline your child and what are the errors you would put most effort into correcting?

Hard to know now. I see humor in a lot of things, so I hope I can laugh at most of his transgressions. I’ll try and not worry about correcting every little thing, but I am probably just dreaming.

Do you think the life of a child has changed much since you were young?

They grow up too fast! There also is a lot less open space to run around. That is one of the big reasons I like Salt Lake City. When Joaco gets older, its a 30 minute drive up the canyon to campgrounds!

What’s the best compliment your child could pay you for your parenting skills?

My old man cracked me up. Seriously, I hope he worships me as I should be worshipped… like Baal. No seriously, just that I gave him a hand and not a whip.



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