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Happy Father’s Day! June 17, 2007

Posted by jojoe in Personal.

In 8th grade I played basketball for the T.H. Rogers Rams.  We won one game the entire year, but we had a lot of fun as a team.  Anyway, we were playing a tournament at Revere Middle School and Dad was sitting in the stands.  Dad was always in the stands.  If he missed a game that year, it was only one or two.  He was always there to cheer us on.

The game was pretty early in the evening and the crowd was pretty sparse.   There was really very little noise coming from the stands.  In the midst of the silence, at no particular point in the game, the ref missed a call, and Dad stood up and yelled, “How about a foul there Homer!”  Everyone on the floor stopped what they were doing and looked at my Dad.  I think they were trying to process what a Homer was (a ref who was favoring the home team – this was pre-Homer Simpson).  This made a huge impression on my teammates.  From that point on, in the school hallways or on the bus to a game, someone might randomly say, “How about a foul there Homer!”  To this day, if I said those magic words to George or Ken, they would be transported to that game at Revere some 25 years ago.

Just to be clear, this isn’t one of those “parents embarassing their teenagers” stories.  I remember that strange, abrupt cry from the stands fondly.  It is part of the fabric that was a very fun basketball season.  And it is special that Dad is interwoven into those memories as he is.  He was always there for me.  He was a good Dad.



1. Maria - June 17, 2007

And still is :)

2. Petie - June 17, 2007

I think Joey is getting a little nostalgic because he is going to be a dad soon! ;) This is a very sweet story – It doesn’t surprise me at all. It sounds just like the dad I know, too.

3. Chris - June 17, 2007

That’s exactly what I thought, Maria.

4. pete - June 17, 2007

Am I terminal? Thanks for the all the fond memories. I also remember the time I yelled out “hey ref, how about a first and ten for the orange team!” I think your Vollyball shirts were orange.

5. jojoe - June 17, 2007

They were orange. And you could still see the faint stretch marks of blossoming young woman.

6. Ken Weissman - July 2, 2007

Thanks for honoring me in your memories, Joebutt. Your Pop called it right; they were pretty rough on you that day in the paint and out. You needed help, because Ken still can’t sink a layup, much less a shot.

Congrats on the road to fatherhood. I was hoping to see you and Maria at our 20th reunion, but you have better things going on!


7. Ken Weissman - July 2, 2007

And, oh by the way, I see that our sixth grade English teacher (Mr. Hawler?) made a limited impression on you and your use of past tense.

You were probably paying too much attention to the volleyball team, Mr Toughness.

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