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Noah’s Ark Museum Exhibit April 26, 2007

Posted by jojoe in Personal.

Don’t know how to make a link to this. Go to nytimes.com, scroll down to the video section, and see “Noah’s Ark at the Skirball”. The video warmed my heart. It would be fun to go through the exhibit with Joelle. Too bad it’s in LA.

I really like how they transformed the story into man’s stewardship and responsibility for the earth’s creatures. I also like how each person was supposed to be their own Noah. Very nice.

UPDATE… Maria posted the link in her comment! It’s the first comment



1. Maria - April 26, 2007

Here’s the direct link to it
Very sweet. I also love the message that “you are Noah”.

2. Petie - April 28, 2007

I love the little animals going up on that magnetic ramp and, of course, the message… it looks very clever. I laughed out loud when they showed the animal droppings that the kids could sweep up. The video said that kids added that in a focus group. I can tell you firsthand that kids are infatuated with poop. Joelle has this pooping Tanner dog (Barbie) that she thinks is hysterical. You feed it food and it poops out. Poppy said, “that’s disturbing.”

I wish that were in Houston!! (or Salt Lake) I doubt we’ll get to LA.

3. jojoe - April 28, 2007

Do we ever really lose our fascination with poop? I don’t think so.

It also happened to fit in well with the theme of taking care of the earth. More people need to pick up their pets’ poop!!!

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