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What was this guy trying to do? April 5, 2007

Posted by jojoe in Funny Links.

Click the link, “Truck stunt gone wrong”



1. Chris - April 6, 2007
2. Maria - April 6, 2007

Crazy, and stupidly expensive!

3. Joey - April 6, 2007

Wikipedia is so great! Chris, I took a look at car surfing and they had a link to this article…. http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/stories/2004/12/06/daily43.html

Take a look at it. Crazy on so many levels. 55 year old CFO of Pheonix with Mexican parasitical disease dies while car surfing. I looked to see if it was published on Apr 1.

4. Petie - April 7, 2007

What the heck? Looks painful – I wouldn’t go looking for ways to get into the ER!!

5. Petie - April 7, 2007

Man, I want to know the disease he picked up. That was too vague for my taste.

6. Joey - April 7, 2007

I know. It was such a crazy article on so many levels.

7. Chris - April 7, 2007

My first thought on what it was called was “ghost riding”, but that is funnier and less dangerous.

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