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Buda (Texas) in the news! April 28, 2007

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Here’s the story


Noah’s Ark Museum Exhibit April 26, 2007

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Don’t know how to make a link to this. Go to nytimes.com, scroll down to the video section, and see “Noah’s Ark at the Skirball”. The video warmed my heart. It would be fun to go through the exhibit with Joelle. Too bad it’s in LA.

I really like how they transformed the story into man’s stewardship and responsibility for the earth’s creatures. I also like how each person was supposed to be their own Noah. Very nice.

UPDATE… Maria posted the link in her comment! It’s the first comment

Democrats in power uncover all sorts of crap April 26, 2007

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Carl Rove has been the architect of the politicization of America’s public service.  Reagan wanted to get rid of all the government agencies, Rove decided to use them to help Republicans stay in power forever.

This article describes how political operatives informed agency heads of vulnerable Republican and Democratic seats in the last mid-term election.  The implication was clear… do what you can in these areas.  This is just so infuriating.  At the beginning of the last century (early 1900s), there was a reform movement to make administrative agencies more professional and less political.  Rove has done everything he can to re-establish the bad old days of corruption, unprofessionalism, and partronage politics.

Here’s the article.

This makes Nixon look like a Piker.