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1.5 Million Iraqis have fled their country December 13, 2006

Posted by jojoe in Politico.

What a mess we have made!  1.5 million Iraqis have left Iraq because of the extreme violence there.  Now, many are knocking at the door to come here, and frankly, we have a moral obligation to take them since we caused the mess (you broke it, you bought it!).

Read this Boston Globe article.

It talks about how uncomfortable it would make Bush to start accepting large numbers of refugees.  Might have to admit that things aren’t going well over there.  Something the rest of us already know.

Interesting fact from the article.  We took 900,000 Vietnamese after the Vietnam War.  Big numbers!

Props to Crooks and Liars for posting the link to the Boston Globe story.  I read Crooks and Liars daily!



1. pete - January 11, 2007

that would equal 45 million in America.

2. pete - January 12, 2007

Oops, that should be 15 million….my bad.

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