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Pointed Humor – The Fightin’ First Family December 10, 2006

Posted by jojoe in Politico.

The video quality isn’t all that great, but I like the idea of this video.

The idea is that the Bush’s are so committed to the war on terror that none of them are fighting over there so that supposedly, we wouldn’t have to fight them over there.

Is it fair to criticize the rich progeny for being ner-do-well playboys and girls?  I don’t know, but its not surprising, given that this war has always been advertised as one without sacrifices back home (except of course, for the loved ones of the ones actually over there).



1. pete - December 20, 2006

The argument that we are fighting them overthere so we are not fighting them her is not valid.

What is it true that they cannot fight us in Iraq and attach America? They have hit England while England was fighting them over there. They hit Spain when Spain was fighting them over there.

Just another lame ass platitude from Bozo.

2. pete - December 20, 2006

“fighting them over her” S/B “fighting them over here”.

“What is it true…..” S/B Why is it true”

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