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Colbert’s moving tribute to the departed Repub majority November 9, 2006

Posted by jojoe in Politico.

Shows how corrupt and narrow minded the Republican revolution was.

Colbert does it again!



1. pete - November 10, 2006

To be fair they did pass legislation that:

1). Allowed corporate power generation companies to bypass the clean air act.

2). New bankruptcy laws that made large financial companies, who were primary responsible for most bankruptcies not medical cost related, much more profitable.

3). Passed Medicare part D that really made the large insurance and drugs even more profitable at the expense of the taxpayers….who in turn passed the bill on to their grandchildren.

4). Invaded a country making it possible for several large corporations to make fortunes in war profiteering….and also politically well connected individuals were able to do well financially. You can figure this one gave every person in this country a $7,000 IOU to cover the final cost.

5). Made it possible for American citizens to enjoy a long, uninterrupted vacation in Gitmo without even their closest family members being a bother.

2. jojoe - November 10, 2006

But they prayed a lot a loved the flag!

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