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Some Satisfaction November 8, 2006

Posted by jojoe in Politico.

Well the results are all in now, and the Democrats have taken over both houses of Congress. It’s been a long time since anything good happened politically, so I have enjoyed it. I feel some satisfaction.

The hard thing is now the Dems need to do something. They were essentially brought in power because of Iraq, Katrina, and coruption. There are concerns about the economy and health care, but this other stuff dominated. So now that they’re in, what will they do?

Here are some easy things we should see pretty quickly that are long overdue: 1) federally funded stem cell research (Bush will probably veto this again), 2) a hike in the minimum wage (long overdue) 3) giving Medicare and Medicaid the ability to negotiate with drug companies on the price of drugs (like every other country on the planet)

Tougher stuff, will it happen? 1) health care reform. This will be tough. There is big resistance out there to “socialized” medicine. But it has become ridiculous. We pay so much money in this country to for insurers to shuffle costs from one place to another. People lose jobs and then can’t get coverage because of a pre-existing condition. We spend way more as a % of GDP but our average life expectancy isn’t higher and we have a high infant mortality rate. 2) a real energy policy. Can we please stop the myth of “clean coal” and the giveaways to the oil companies. How about an increase in MPG standards? 3) Budget deficit. Get rid of the Bush tax cuts (won’t happen… not with the Prez election in sight.

Stuff I would love to see but will never happen…. Congress signs up to Kyoto and passes legislation saying that greenhouse gases are covered under the Clean Air Act and that the EPA needs to get moving. Some real steps to make this more of a democracy and less of a plutocracy. Publicly funded campaigns, congressional districts drawn by non-partisan committees to improve the competitiveness of races, popular vote for the presidency instead of this silly electoral college system. More democracy so corporations don’t run the country (as much).

It’s this last part that still leaves me sad. The biggest problem by a long shot and we still dont have the political will to tackle it, even after this political tsunami. So, I’m satisfied, but my happiness is somewhat tempered. Gore in 2008!



1. Petie - November 9, 2006

I was very pleased to read that the world reacted with elation to the results of our election here in the States. So, I also hope that America can improve its image to the World, in addition to all your goals. :) A real foreign policy would be nice.

2. pete - November 10, 2006

Sharon’s radical right friend said the “terrorists” were pleased with the election results. I guess they now have a media outlet. Same old rhetoric…Iraq is the Central front bla bla bla. If someone doesn’t know the difference between a terrorist and an insurgent, or intentionally blurs the line, you just have to look in amazement and figure that P. T. Barnum was right.

3. pete - November 10, 2006

Petie, we have a foreign policy, it’s called F-16 diplomacy. The same foreign policy Israel uses

4. jojoe - November 10, 2006

Unfortunately, the President really controls foregin policy in this country. Congress controls the purse strings, can pass resolution, and call out the Prez, but that’s about it.

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