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The pins are out! October 28, 2006

Posted by jojoe in Personal.

I figured that this would be a good point to stick my patota back into the blogosphere. As my loyal readership probably knows, I had a mountain biking accident on Labor Day, Sept. 4. Apparently, I went flying off my bike after hitting a bump in the road. I say apparently because I blacked out and my mind chose to erase all memory of me launching off my bike. Did I swear as I was flying in space? Was I stoically silent as I braced for the inevitable crash? Who knows. Makes me wish that we had little floating cameras following us around so we could replay certain moments in our life.

I woke up from my slumber and there were several people hovering above me, telling me to be still and that an ambulance was on its way. I wiggled my toes and hoped that this meant I wasn’t paralyzed. Next thing I knew the ambulance arrived and the EMTs started checking me out. My left hand was killing me! The EMT’s then put me on some board to keep my neck still and drove me to the hospital. My brain was really foggy. I couldn’t remember my phone number (I always have trouble with that anyway), but I could remember my address and my wife’s name.

I spent the next 3 hours in the emergency room with Maria. Taking x-rays, cat-scans, getting stitched and getting cleaned. The ultimate damage was a lot of cuts and scrapes, especially on my face, a 5th metacarpal that had moved to the other side of my hand, and a badly jammed pinky. I lay in bed for a week, clearing the cobwebs out of my head, and had surgery on my hand on Sept 11. My doc put three pins in my hand to hold that metacarpal in place so that it wouldn’t drift back towards my thumb.

I was lucky. It was my left hand so I could still take notes. The real pains were: 1) Taking a bath, I had to wear a bag over my left hand. Try sopaing yourself with one hand sometime. Very unsatisfying; 2) Sleeping. I like to roll around to get my body ready for sleepy time. Having a splint on your arm ruins the joy of flopping around in bed; 3) Washing hands. Very unsatisfying to wash with one hand. Even when I had my splint off, I was reluctant to get my left hand wet because I DID NOT want to get those pins infected and I was afraid that water could potentially help bacteria get a foothold.

So this Friday was finally the day to take the pins out. The doc told me to take 2 oxycodones to mellow me out because there would be no local anesthetic for the office procedure. He had pulled the stitches out of my pinky and knew that I was a bit of a handful. Contrary to popular opinion, these pain pills sometimes aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. The car drive to the doc’s office was uncomfortable. I was sick at my stomach, ancy, and itchy. I should’ve had a six pack instead. Would have been a lot more fun and accomplished the same thing. The whole procedure took less than five minutes. A few moments of pain and a little oozing later and I’m free!! Took a bath last night with both hands, washed my hands, and flopped around in bed! The hand is still swollen and feels a little lame and the pinky is still stiff and ugly, but I’ll regain virtually all of my movement back.

Maria put together an awesome video/photo collage of the doctor’s visit. Enjoy!



1. Petie - October 28, 2006

What an ordeal. I’m so glad that the pins are removed and your hand is finally free again!

Sticking to the spinning bike now?

2. jojoe - October 28, 2006

Yeah, I’m sticking to the spinning bike now.

3. Ivan - November 6, 2006

Joe, get well and learn to ride……. kidding……….

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