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Ma, Can We Please Go Here Instead of Disney? August 2, 2006

Posted by jojoe in Personal.


Crazy (go to slide 13… Adam and Eve named the dinosaurs!)



1. cdipaolo - August 2, 2006

Same slide – “There’s no room for compromise”

You’re in or you’re out, buddy.

2. Maria - August 2, 2006

OK, surprising, but since you told me about this, I was picturing a scene where they had Adam and Eve AND the dinosaurs all together. THAT would’ve been completely crazy, but I couldn’t find anything like that.

This quote from the article: “Americans just aren’t gullible enough to believe that they came from a fish” reminds me of a very similar situation I once witnessed…

I was going to an Opus Dei school (don’t recommend it), and the principal – who we secretely called “the missing link” because her face looked so much like a primate, said to us during a class: “I don’t know about you, but I refuse to believe that I come from a monkey”. We all exchanged looks of complicity trying to muffle the laughs from her comment.

3. Mr. Mr. - August 2, 2006

Love that Opus Dei story.

This is a quote from slide 13:

“Adam and apes share the same birthday. The first man walked with dinosaurs and named them all!”

So I don’t know if they picture Adam and Eve and the dinosaurs…. for those of you old enough out there, think “Land of the Lost”. But the quote speaks for itself. I mean why do you think they call it a Tyro “Rex”. Started a long tradition of calling pets “Rex”.

4. jojoe - August 6, 2006

dip… Fundamentalists do NOT compromise. You’re either saved or burning in a lake of fire. They are charming that way.

5. Maria - August 7, 2006

Yeah… Purgatory – which according to my Opus Dei teachers is where most of us are headed, cuz no one is pure enough for heaven- is another big swamp of fire… Talk about terror infused to children!…

I tell you: I could not wait to get out of school…

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