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Funny – Zeitgeist Checklist August 19, 2006

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This is my new favorite weekly thing. #4 is amazing. Can you imagine if 39,000 Americans were killed in a month? We had 15,517 murders in 2004. That would be a little under 1,300 per month, a far cry from 39,000. Bet those Iraqis are lovin’ their freedom!

Is Bush morally responsible for all those deaths?  Does he know it was a lie that sent us there?  Being President is a tough job.


Fashion Advice August 14, 2006

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Was standing in line to get take-out food and there was a girl in front of me with her Mom and what looked like her brother (or boyfriend?). She had a tank top on and her clear (plastic?) bra straps were showing. We need to get rid of these things. I mean who are we fooling here? Are you trying not to show us your bra straps?

Here are your options (only considering day wear here… club wear is a whole other story that is beyond my pay grade):

1. No bra. Works. May be a little too granola or too revealing though. Muy peligrosa if you are wearing a white tank. Individual consultation required. Use with care.

2. Strapless bra. I am out of my element here. Do these work in this situation? A little help?

3. Black bra. With white shirt, may be a little too skater girl/Avril Lavigne. If that’s what you are going for, OK. Black with black? Um, no. See “No Bra” above.

4. Pink or other pastel bra. Got a little I’m innocent/not that innocent going. Yes!

5. Red bra. Maybe in a club at night. See initial caveat.

Hope this helps. Not sure this really applies to my “readership” though.

Coldplay Rocks! August 6, 2006

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Duh. Just bought “Fix You” off Coldplay’s latest, “X&Y”. This song rocks so hard. I am still tingling. It is the song you are hearing in the ad for the Twin Towers movie. Haven’t heard it on the radio yet. Don’t know why… buy it or get it… immediately!!