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Polar Watch Repair July 25, 2006

Posted by jojoe in Personal.

My Polar watch has been dead now for some time. And I miss it. Nothing pleases me more than seeing my average heart rate after a workout. So I am finally getting around to sending it in for repair. I am hoping it is as simple as getting a new battery. Don’t ask me why you have to send this watch in to get a new battery. Anyway, here’s the text of my letter to Polar. I figured I might as well have a little fun.

“I have enclosed my Polar watch and request that you bring it back to life. I hope it is as simple as replacing the battery. Please contact me using my email address (xxxxx@yahoo.com) with your diagnosis and cost so that we can get this bad boy back on my wrist in working condition.”



1. Maria - July 26, 2006

NOTHING pleases you more, huh?

2. Maria - July 26, 2006

The letter is funnier when you see it printed on paper with all the proper headings and stuff… In all “seriousness”

3. jojoe - July 26, 2006

It is funnier when it is in “hard copy”, and for the thousandth time, I was speaking euphemistically.

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