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Stem Cell Research July 23, 2006

Posted by jojoe in Politico.

Bush’s veto of Congress’ stem cell research bill is ridiculous. I really don’t understand the moralists on this one. Even if I were to agree that fertilized egg no bigger than a period deserves to be protected (I am not sure on the science here, it may be microscopic rather than the size of a period), how is it better to be frozen for an eternity than used for research that has the potential to immensely improve other’s lives? Yes, I know there are a few snowflake babies, but I am sure that the number of in vitro fertilizations outnumbers the snowflake babies, meaning that there are more and more frozen embryos.

Couple of side thoughts here…. Who are the people that make these snow flake babies? I want to know. Are they just such moralist nut jobs that they chose to use some random embyos rather than their own? Do they get a discount on the in vitro fertilization if these use someone else’s junk? Do they get to know whose junk they are using? I want an interview on this.

Where is the “liberally biased media” on this? Bush trots out the snowflake babies. Did anyone ask how many snowflake babies there were compared to the increase in the number of frozen embryos created by continuing in virto fertilization? Why is Bush OK with in vitro fertilization which leaves these frozen embryos (or flushed embyos?) behind? It really makes no sense to me. I read that liberal bastion, the New York Times, and found nothing on this. I wanna know.

OK, that’s it for now.



1. Petie - July 24, 2006

Frozen embryos are life. I didn’t believe that until my first Biology class at Trinity. That professor told us we were kidding ourselves if we didn’t think it was life upon conception – I don’t think he was conservative, it’s just the fact. However, these embryos are already created and will be thrown out if not used for science. I would rather their life amount to something! If Bush wants to attack anything, it should be the creation of these embryos NOT the use of them…which of course he can’t do, that would be denying people children who can’t otherwise have them. (I’m not suggesting to do this either… just like abortion, it’s the choice of the individual.) It’s so sad to me that this was one of the first shows of bi-partism leadership we’ve seen so far (most Republicans actually voted to allow stem cell research) and they were only 3 shy of having enough votes for not veto to be allowed. It’s so frustrating!

2. jojoe - July 24, 2006

It is frustrating, especially when you consider the potential to improve lives that are here and fully developed.

By the way, it does look like the liberal media did answer some of my questions…

This is a GREAT article from the Washington Post.

Some highlights: 400,000 frozen emryos as of 2003 (I think there have been about 150 snowflake babies). The snowflake mom [surprise] sounds a little nutty. The Catholic church is real close to saying that in vitro is an abomination.

Also, Russert gave Bush’s Chief of Staff hell. It is delicious. http://www.crooksandliars.com/posts/2006/07/23/josh-bolten-squirms-during-stem-cell-questions/

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