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I am an old man now July 4, 2006

Posted by jojoe in Personal.

I was busy mowing and watering my lawn yesterday. My blood was boiling. What a sick joke it was to plant Kentucky Bluegrass in the desert. I spent $150 on water last month and my lawn is brown. Pillita reminds me of the sorry state of the lawn about once a week. To my chagrin.

So as I am fuming over my yard, a teenager from across the street shoots fireworks from his driveway in the direction of our backyard. As the teen is walking towards a friend’s house I say, “Please don’t shoot bottle rockets over my property because I have to clean up the mess.” He keeps walking and I say, “Okay?!” He sullenly responds, “Okay”. Don’t know which is funnier, that I used the term “property” or that I said “Okay?!”

Maria laughed hardest that I used the term “property” instead of “house”. Well, after mowing this 1/4 acre and watching it brown, I can tell you that it is most certainly “property”.

Stay tuned to see what sort of havoc these hooligan teenagers unleash on my property. Today is the 4th, so the full arsenal will be opened today!!

Don’t get me started on the fact that fireworks are legal in Sandy! Can’t believe the Book of Wisdom bans coffee but has nothing to say about fireworks!!



1. Maria - July 4, 2006

For everyone’s pleasure, I’ll take photos of the Old Fart, setting up a 4th-of-July watching station, loaded with his rifle, right in front of his “property”.

2. jojoe - July 4, 2006


3. Petie - July 4, 2006

I hope the people of Sandy don’t take their fireworks as seriously as the people of Spring. Do you recall all our stories??? They set the forest at the end of the street on fire one year – the fire department had to come out to put it out. I had the hose out to start soaking down the house.

We are happily content in our fireworks banned city of Houston. Best of luck tonight. My thoughts are with you. Happy Birthday, America! Oh, one last thought… at least they don’t do fireworks at Christmas. They do in Spring. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

4. jojoe - July 4, 2006

They’re going off as I speak now… veeery irritating

5. Maria - July 5, 2006

It wasn’t that bad at all. I was expecting sounds of war going on until 3 am (as Joey had led me to believe), but it was pretty lame, in fact.

6. Mafe Maria • The Little F*ckers! - November 9, 2006

[…] Joining Joey back at 37, and Jennifer at 31, today, at 34, I have experienced my first episode as an old fart… […]

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