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Depressing Political Season Afoot June 28, 2006

Posted by jojoe in Politico.

Feelin’ kind of down today. I know it’s probably just the sinus headache but I’d rather blame it on politics. The Karl Rove machine is in full swing.

1. “Cut ‘N Run Democrats”. I don’t even want to comment on this.

2. The New York Times is compromising our national security by printing a story telling us that the government is also tracking our financial records. President Bush comes out and actually chastizes the Times and Cheney speaks in harsher terms. Folks, the Times didn’t say we’re attacking Fallujah tomorrow. I want the Times telling me what THIS government is doing. I guess I should be impressed how quickly Rove folded this incident into their sinister political attack plan.  And Fox is such a great mouthpiece.

3. A flag burning amendment. Didn’t pass in the Senate. A speck of sanity or did it intentionally fail? More irritating to that ilk if it doesn’t pass.

4. The “death” tax. Not part of the overall macho flag waving gay bashing strategy, but they need to encourage donations from the wealthy to build the war chest to pump out all the poison.

Are people really going to buy this crap?

Depressing, or maybe its just my sinuses.



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