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The Circle of Life June 7, 2006

Posted by jojoe in Politico.

I just saw a "Frontline" show on how Mississippi has utilized The US Supreme Court decision Casey to eliminate abortions in the state by creating more and more barriers. I'm not a fan of abortions, but I don't get the focus on criminalizing abortions rather than encouraging women not to get pregnant or providing free pre-natal and post-natal health care if women do get pregnant.

Made me think of the Republican cycle of life.

1. Provide sex education that only talks about abstinence even though we know that it is MUCH more effective to encourage abstinence AND also provide information on condoms.

2. Underfund public education to discourage any sort of hope for women. The most effective birth control is empowering women and giving them hope in their lives.

3. So, a woman in a crappy public school who gets abstinence only birth control gets *surprise* pregnant

4. She goes to a state run clinic that gives her advice on having the baby or adopting and shows her an ultrasound image of her baby. Ironically, that ultrasound, meant to discourage abortion, is the best health care she'll see.

5. She has limited pre-natal and post-natal health care. We wouldn't want "socialist" medicine in this country, would we? By the way, our country has a pretty high infant mortality rate. I haven't done the math, but you take the difference between the infant mortality rate of the U.S. and Singapore and multiply it by the number of births in America, I'm pretty sure it will exceed the number of abortions. So why aren't people protesting this country's infant mortality rate?

6. Offer crappy public education for the next generation, and the circle of life continues. Ain't it beautiful?

No one is a fan of abortion, but I would rather if we worked to eliminate the practice with positive steps rather than outlawing abortion altogether.



1. pete - June 10, 2006

I think it’s interesting that the state with the lowest abortion rate is Massachusetts, which is considered the most liberal state when it comes to gay rights and abortion rights.

The states with the highest abortion rates are those Bible thimpin’ southern states.

2. jojoe - June 11, 2006

Yep, and Mass has one of the lowest infant mortality rates at 4.9/1,000. (Only two states rank better). Guess who is worst? Mississippi with an infant mortality rate of 10.3/1,000. Here is the link…

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