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Fight Global Warming Website May 16, 2006

Posted by jojoe in Politico.

Check out this global warming website.  Looks like they may have raised some $$ to advertise the problem.  I have thought an ad campaign was needed for awhile.  I think the ad with the approaching train is good.  Hope we start seeing it.  Can't remember if the crying Indian helped us slow down throwing trash out of the car window.

Under "What you Can Do?", there is the possibility of buying carbon offsets.  Interesting idea.  I am not ready to do it given that I don't have a full time job though.  Spread the word!  I will be looking into buying wind power electricity…



1. Chris - May 17, 2006

Those carbon offsets remind me of TerraPass which has been around for awhile as well.

2. jojoe - May 17, 2006

Thanks for the TerraPass link. I checked it out.

3. Petie - May 17, 2006

Chris should also post what he told me about last night. He heard someone speaking about the cyclical temperature of the water and that it is at a peak now, which explains the high occurence of hurricanes and the intensity. The guy seemed to suggest that it wasn’t global warming, but only the cyclical nature of the water. However, it didn’t explain how the peaks of each of these cycles keeps getting higher and higher. Why are people in such denial? I don’t understand how people keep explaining it away.

4. Chris - May 17, 2006

I can’t post the exact picture but it is a combination of the first and third pictures on the right from the Wikipedia entry on the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) Index. The first one shows the beginning of the timeline (increase #2 is greater than #1) and the third one shows how increase #3 is greater than #2.

Given, it is just three increases, so it’s hard to say it’s a statistical trend, but…

5. pete - May 19, 2006

I will cede that the number of tropical storms may be cycial; however, the increased intensity of the storms is definitely linked to global warming.

There was an interesting, and scary, program on PBS that air pollution may be masking exactly how bad blobal warming really is. The program speculates that the global temperature increase my be held down several degrees by the pollution haze in the air.

It is interesting that the study was helped by the grounding of all US flights immediately after 911 and the increase of the temperatures around the US during the grounded of all flights.

6. pete - May 19, 2006

I like the way Petie spells cyclial better than the way I spell it. Wish I knew how to make spell sheck work.

7. Petie - May 20, 2006

You have to cut and paste your note into Word before posting in the blog – I don’t believe the blog has spell check. I think they should add spell check to blog engines!

8. Maria - May 20, 2006

If you’re using Firefox, there is an extension called Spellbound which helps you spell check any text you enter on a form (like your post).

9. Hershey Kisses « Pico DiPaolo - September 16, 2006

[…] Looking at my brother’s blog reminded me of a piece I saw on TV a while ago. I can’t remember where I saw this, but it’s a really interesting concept. A teacher was showing students how humans react to ownership vs. sharing with a simple experiment using Hershey Kisses. […]

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